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List Of Products That Will Interest Your Visitors

By A. Writer

This is where you could include a list of appropriate products.

Not only can including products help to build up the content on your site it can also act as an additional revenue stream. Check to see if there is an affiliate scheme in operation for each of the products you feature and, if so, sign-up for it and include an appropriate link (featuring your own personal 'affiliate ID').

If you are featuring links off to a third-party product details page, be sure to set your link properties so that the web page opens in a new window. Right click the link here to check out the property settings - the 'target' should be '_new'. This ensures that in viewing more information about the recommended product(s) the visitor does not leave your site entirely - your site remains open behind the new window.

Tip: If you are featuring links to, and/or recommendations of, particular companies' products, don't be afraid to ask them for a 'reciprocal link'. This means that in return for your recommendation of their product, they place a link back to your web site upon their own site. This is a crucial part of link-building and can have a marked impact on your site's ranking in the search engines.




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